Available positions

We are always looking for enthusiastic, motivated and interested scientists at all level. If you are interested in or have experience with any of the following, thats even better.

  1. Basic cell biology: Bonus points for interests in mechanobiology, cytoskeleton, integrins, focal adhesions, cell migration.
  2. Microscopy: Any kind. Bonus points if you have experience with building your own microscopy systems and/or computational image analysis.
  3. Biomaterials sciences and microfluidics: I don’t even know what this covers, but if you have worked with polymers, soft matter, rheology, Synthetic ECMs, putting cells in some sort of channels or built something that cells can survive in, Cha Ching!
  4. Cancer cell biology: Thats point 1 in cancer.

Post-doc position

Open position!

As part of a new collaborative research environment, tentatively titled “Oncobiomechanics”( we are trying to squeeze in a few more buzzwords), we are looking for a post-doc to investigate the role of integrin activation and organization and dynamics in cancer mechanobiology.

The candidate chose for this position will work closely with Jonas Tegenfeldt’s lab (https://tegen.ftf.lth.se/) at NanoLund, Chris Madsen’s lab (https://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/lucat/group/v1001197) at Medcon village and Pontus Nordenfelt’s lab (https://nordlab.med.lu.se/) here in the faculty of medicine. This collaborative cluster combines microfluidics, high and super-resolution microscopy, basic adhesion and cytoskeletal biology with in vivo cancer model systems and in vivo imaging.

Who are you?

You have recently finished your PhD or are about to finish your PhD in the next few months. The most important criteria we have is that you are enthusiastic about science, are eager to learn from people around you and are eager to teach us and others what you know. Your interests lie somewhere in the vicinity of the labs mentioned above. If you have experience in microscopy or biomaterials or mechanotransduction, this project is a great fit for you. You are open to the idea that cricket may be the greatest sport ever. If any of the above fits you, please contact us soon. We will be advertising this position soon.