Available positions

The first few orders have been placed and items received. The microscopes are now available and the cells have been thawed. Glycerol stocks for a bazillion plasmids have been made and the only thing missing is you.

Who is you?

We have open positions at Post-doc level, PhD level and Master’s level.

Post-doc level:

You have recently finished your PhD or are about to finish your PhD in the next few months. The most important criteria we have is that you are enthusiastic about science, are eager to learn and even more eager to teach others what you know. You are curious, you love being at the bench, you believe that science is a collaborative effort and most importantly, you have a high threshold for bad jokes. Your interests lie somewhere in the vicinity of either cell biology, cancer biology, microscopy, polymer physics or materials engineering. You believe that you are an expert in something and are confident to correct whoever it is when they are wrong on that. You understand that others are experts in other things and that you can listen and learn from them. You think imaging of cells is the coolest thing ever and the only thing cooler is to plot microscopy data rather than adjust contrasts. You may or may not know much about cell migration, cytoskeleton, mechanotransduction, integrins and focal adhesions.. but you want to. You believe that fundamental/basic science is essential for productive translational science and want to contribute to both.  You like asking questions and don’t think any of them are stupid. Well, if all of those apply to you, then a) you are awesome and b) you want to email me.

PhD and Masters level:

Description coming soon.

Who are we?

Do read about our research, some of our publications and read about this awesome place here, here and here. We are supported by the Knut and Alice Wallenbergs Foundation and you can read about it here. If you really want to get bored, you can read about Vinay here